Logos is excited to let you know that we have launched our church app!  Stay connected with our church as you are on the go with everyday life.  Some of our exciting features:
  •  Audio sermons
  •  Video sermons
  •  Events to remind you what’s taking place
  •  Notifications so you won’t miss anything or any event changes
  •  Bible so you can look up scripture
  •  Church Calendar
  •  Online giving
  •  And more!
App Instructions:
1.  Make sure you have updated the latest OS available to avoid glitches.
2.  For Google Play, look for “Logos Christian Family Church”  on Google Play and download it.  For Apple products, go to the App Store and download the SHAREFAITH app.  Once downloaded, open it and search for “Logos Christian Family Church”
3.  Click “OK” to “Logos Christian Family Church wants to send you notifications”.  Otherwise you will get no messages regarding latest sermons, events and church updates.
4.  Use your refresher button often which is located at the bottom left hand screen.  This updates anything new and deletes any old posts.  It is very important you use this button each time you open the app.
5. For the “Calendar” you will find it very compressed when you view it on your smartphone.  Turn your smartphone sideways and it will widen, and at the top right hand of the calendar click on “agenda”.  This view of google calendar will be far easier to navigate.
6. If you run into issues with your app where it doesn’t update or it crashes a lot, make sure you update your OS in your GENERAL SETTINGS to the latest operating system.  Delete the app and re-install it.  It should operate properly.  Refresh and update the app often using the button at the bottom left hand of your screen.
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