We have 4 different initiatives to reach out and bless others in need this Christmas!
1.  Blessing Bags
They are put together to help the homeless of Toronto and we are looking at creating 200 BLESSING BAGS and giving them out to the Toronto Alliance Church who are in the heart of downtown Toronto and minister to the homeless through feeding them, providing clothing and giving them canned goods.  You can pick up your BLESSING BAG at church but it must be returned NO LATER THAN SUNDAY DECEMBER 17.  If you want to make BLESSING BAGS at home, you could always take a JUMBO Ziploc bag
2.  Food and Clothing Drive
Please bring any used clothing items that are in good condition by SUNDAY DECEMBER 17TH.  Here are the following items that we need for clothes and for Food Bank items.  Thank you kindly for your help and generosity!!

Clothing Items:

  • Men’s winter jackets – Sizes  Medium, Large, or Extra Large
  • Men’s short sleeve t-shirts (not button-up) – Sizes Medium, Large, or Extra Large
  • Men’s hooded sweatshirts – Sizes Medium, Large, or Extra Large
  • Men’s Jogging pants – Sizes Medium, Large, or Extra Large
  • Men’s Jeans – Waist sizes 32-38
  • Men’s winter boots – Sizes 9-14
  • Men’s running shoes – Sizes 9-14
  • Women’s winter jackets – Large or Extra Large
  • Women’s short sleeve t-shirts (not button-up) – Size Medium
  • Women’s running shoes
  • And, of course, men’s and women’s (new, unused) socks and underwear!
  • And also men’s and women’s touques, gloves

Toiletry Items:

  • Shampoo
  • Body Wash (or bar soap)
  • Tooth Paste
  • Tooth Brushes

Food Bank Items



Canned Luncheon Meat (spam)

Mac & Cheese (regular or white cheddar)
Instant noodles (various flavours)
Pasta noodles
Pasta/tomato sauce
Canned Ravioli

Kidney beans
Mixed beans
Beans (in tomato sauce or

Mixed veggies
Canned Mushrooms

Chicken noodle soup
Veggie soup
Tomato soup
Mushroom soup
Puritan Stew
Campbell’s Soup-Stews

Canned fruit
Fruit cups

Instant oatmeal packages
Juice boxes
Chocolate and vanilla pudding
Granola bars

3. Sandwich Making for the Homeless and Help Loading and Unloading Food and Clothes being sent Downtown Toronto.
On Tuesday December 19th at 9am we are planning to make 200 sandwiches in our kitchen to send off downtown to the homeless. We would need several volunteers to help us do this.  In addition, we need some men/women who can help load and unload the truck downtown Toronto with all the clothing items collected as well as food items.  Your help would be so appreciated!  If you would like to help please email Helen, Pastor Julio’s wife directly and mention that you want to help out with sandwiches or help load and unload the vehicle.  Thank you in advance for all your love!
4. ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas)
For many years Logos has been involved in sponsoring children providing for their basic necessities of life.  December is ERDO month at Logos and we ask that you would be so kind to donate towards ERDO aside from your tithing to help sponsor the 10 children which Logos has been providing for the last number of years.  Any donation helps, and you can mark “ERDO” on your tithing envelope and it will be allocated in that area, or pick up the specially marked ERDO envelope outside the sanctuary and place your offering in there.   You can also donate online and be sure again to specify that you are giving to ERDO.  Thank you so much for your generosity as it makes a huge difference in the lives of these precious ones!