Matthew 24:14 “”And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations…”
Social media can be a good thing or bad thing. It is without question that in today’s society many are addicted to their phones, social networks and have to see the latest post of someone’s new outfit, food they just consumed, or random 20th selfie of the day.
However, trying to be relevant in a changing world, social media can be used as a new style of communication to put the gospel message into a form that is easily accessible and personally powerful, with the ability to bring believers into closer fellowship with each other and with God.
At Logos Christian Family Church we want to stay connected with you and connected with the world by providing video and audio sermons on Youtube, and through Facebook by sharing encouraging words, events and updates at Logos.
You can do your part by spreading His Word by kindly following us on social media and help spread His Word by sharing our posts and sermons on your own social networks. It is the quickest way to evangelize and bless someone else on your own social media network whom we at Logos could not normally reach.
We thank you in advance for taking and sharing the love of Jesus to the nations!

Stay Connected

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